Nonprofit Diversity Efforts: Current Practices and the Role of Foundations

10 de setembro de 2018
ORGANIZAÇÕES RESPONSÁVEIS: Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), The


Various institutions have published articles and reports on topics such as the barriers to achieving diversity in nonprofit leadership, the benefits of having a diverse board and staff, and the importance of foundation transparency about diversity data. Other organizations focus exclusively on advancing diversity, equity, and/or inclusion within the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.

This report published by The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) based on a survey sent to leaders of nonprofit organizations with annual expenses between $100,000 and $100 million dollars, has sought to understand the efforts of nonprofit organizations when it comes to diversity and the ways in which their foundation funders are interacting with and/or supporting those efforts.

In what ways is diversity relevant to nonprofit organizations’ goals? What demographic information are nonprofits collecting, and how is that information used? How are foundations involved in the diversity efforts of grantees, and how would those grantees like their funders to be involved? Those are some of the questions the study aims to discuss based on the 61% response rate of the survey.