Giving in Numbers: 2023 Edition

12 de dezembro de 2023
ORGANIZAÇÕES RESPONSÁVEIS: Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP)
ANO: 2023


Giving in Numbers: 2023 Edition examines 2022 trends in corporate community investments and employee engagement. Society’s expectations that companies will be a force for good both internally and externally are at an all-time high and companies’ awareness of this is reflected in the multiple acronyms they commonly use to describe their corporate purpose strategies. These include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG). Many companies are meeting the challenge. Simultaneously, anti-ESG rhetoric has shifted the focus away from stakeholders and social impact departments must continually prove their programs’ value while also navigating a thorny political landscape. Moreover, last year was a time of rebuilding, with many companies and organizations revisiting their social impact strategies after the pandemic and relevant staffing changes. For these reasons, measurement is a key element of social investment strategies now more than ever.