How This Crisis May Upend Grant Making for Good

31 de março de 2020
ORGANIZAÇÕES RESPONSÁVEIS: The Chronicle of Philanthropy


As Covid-19 disrupts every aspect of our lives, the demands on foundations and nonprofits are already unprecedented. None of us can fully imagine what it will take for us to respond. But it is clear that philanthropy can’t engage in business as usual.

That’s why a group of us quietly joined forces to figure out how to ensure nonprofits have the resources to help all who are at risk from this unfolding health and economic crisis. In just a few days, more than 300 grant makers pledged to loosen or eliminate restrictions on our funding and trust in our nonprofit partners to find the best solutions for the people they serve. (Editor’s update on May 1: This number is now at 727.)  The pledge also commits us to learn from this crisis so that we can permanently and fundamentally change the way that philanthropy does business.